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Lift & Slide doors SYNEGO

In contrast to conventional sliding doors, this specially engineered door system can be built to fill significantly larger than normal openings while offering an almost effortless sash operation and instant architectural appeal. SYNEGO Lift&Slide doors are characterized by very good energy efficiency, high burglary resistance and possibility of making great terrace entrance what makes your home warm, safe and comfortable.


  • Heat- the system with very good energy efficiency

  • Security - burglary resistance up to resistance class 2

  • Design -Elements available up to a height of 2.70m and a width of 10m, sash weights up to 400kg.

  • Cleanliness - High definition finishing surface (HDF): premium, absolutely smooth and therefore low maintenance.

  • Ecology - environmentally friendly, due to its recyclability

HS Synego
  • Profile depth: 80 mm
  • Uw up to 0,91 W/m2 K
    Uw refers to the heat loss of the entire window - the lower, the better. The shown Uw value is calculated with the glazing Ug=0,5 W/m2 K for the standard window size (2m x 2,3m).
  • 5-chamber system
  • Glazing is a critical factor for the energy balance of the entire room and therefore we offer top-quality, single-, double- or triple glazing, depending on applications and expectations. We provide a broad choice of burglar-proof glazing options for security and other applications. Our offering also includes decorative glazing.

    • Abstracto

    • Altdeutsch clear

      Altdeutsch clear

    • Altdeutsch brown

      Altdeutsch brown

    • Antique brown

      Antique brown

    • Atlantic


    • Chinchilla brown

      Chinchilla brown

    • Chinchilla


    • Crepi


    • Delta mat

      Delta mat

    • Delta


    • Float mat

      Float mat

    • Flutes sand

      Flutes sand

    • Flutes


    • Kathedral


    • Kura clear

      Kura clear

    • Kura brown

      Kura brown

    • Listral K

      Listral K

    • Master-Carre


    • Master-Ligne


    • Master-Point


    • Master-Ray


    • Niagara


    • Old bruges

      Old bruges

    • Screen


    • Silvit brown

      Silvit brown

    • Silvit


    • Waterdrop


    Georgian bars provide windows with a unique feel, whilst bringing more variety to a house's architecture. Used not only in old building renovation to maintain classical appearance, but also in contemporary construction to produce an exceptional visual effect.

    Our offering includes GBGs and SDLs of different thickness, in a broad range of colours. The spacing of the bars is as per our customer's request.

  • Colour Palette Synego

    Colour Palette Synego

    Colour Palette Synego

    Standard colours*

    • Golden Oak

      Golden Oak

    • Walnut


    • Sapeli/Mahagon


    • Dark Oak

      Dark Oak

    • Black Brown texture

      Black Brown texture

    • Alux DB 703

      Alux DB 703

    • Anthracite Grey texture

      Anthracite Grey texture

    • Basalt grey

      Basalt grey

    • Winchester XA

      Winchester XA

    ATTENTION! The presented veneers are for reference only and may differ from the actual ones in terms of color and structure, which may result from individual monitor and graphics card settings. The selected color applies to the external color of the profiles (not applicable to the window core and other details). Before purchase, please consult the seller about the type and structure of the selected color. We also invite you to the showroom to see the color templates and demonstration windows.


Rehau Synego Lift&Slide door IFT Rosenheim Schema A

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Rehau Synego Lift&Slide door IFT Rosenheim Schema C

2021-09-04168.21 KB

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