Constans Logo


The world is changing and we are changing too! Therefore, the time has come to update our logo after 30 years of work. We wanted the logo to combine tradition and modernity. We have always had a strong relationship with the construction industry, but it is the production of windows and doors that we have been focused on for years. That is why our new logo already refers directly to the window industry, not general construction, but we remain faithful to our company colors.

Changing the company's logo and image is a very important event for our company. This is a step forward, a step towards further positive changes, strengthening and continuing the company's development direction, which is providing the advanced solutions in the window and door industry. The logo will be gradually introduced from 01 September 2019. At the beginning, in all Internet materials such as websites, social media etc., and gradually also in printed forms.

We hope you enjoy the logo in the new version!

Windows-Doors-Roller Shutters Winter Gardens - Qualität Fenster aus Polen - Alufenster, Hebeschiebetüren, Kozijnen uit Polen, Poolse kozijnen, Polen kozijnen: Constans Windows-Doors-Roller Shutters Winter Gardens