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Gauarantee terms


I. The CONSTANS Sp. z o.o. company with a registered office in Kłodawa, ul. Gorzowska 11 (further called the Guarantor) grants the guarantee in the following scope:

  1. Windows and doors manufactured from PVC and aluminum.
        a. profile shape durability – 5 years

        b. insulated glass tightness – 5 years

        c. functionality of fittings – 5 years

        d. 2 years on other products which constitute ancillary equipment for the windows, e.g. outdoor roller shutters, put-on roller, shutters, electric control and drives, automation systems, etc.
  2. The guarantee period begins on the date of sale/release of goods from the Guarantor’s warehouse.

II. The Guarantee is valid in the territory of the country of direct delivery and covers exclusively damage incurred by the subject of the contract. The Guarantor’s liability is limited to refunding the value of goods covered by the guarantee. The Guarantor undertakes to investigate the justifiability of guarantee claims within 14 days from the claim submission. If the claim is justified, the Guarantor undertakes to remove the faults which have occurred within the shortest reasonable time sufficient to determine the cause of the fault, as well as order and deliver the necessary elements used to repair the complained product, however within no more than 21 working days.

III. III. If the claim is unjustified, the Guarantor is entitled to charge the claimant with the travel and work costs of the employee (according to the currently applicable rates at the Guarantor’s company).

IV. The guarantee does not cover:

  1. damage arising from incorrect:
    • installation by the customer or by installation groups without the manufacturer’s authorization,
    • use, maintenance or lack of maintenance
    • storage
  2. visible defects, such as: scratches, cracks, mechanical damage, etc. The Buyer is obliged to inspect the quantity and quality condition at the time of goods receipt and always prior to installation. Any possible irregularities should be reported to the driver/warehouse worker/installation group and recorded in the acceptance protocol or the Goods Issue document under pain of forfeiting claims arising from the above. If faults are identified prior to installation, installation must be suspended under pain of forfeiting the guarantee until investigation of the complaint claim.
  3. damage caused by random occurrences, such as: natural disasters and weather phenomena abnormal to the given climate zone,
  4. damage caused by the effects of chemical compounds,
  5. malfunctions arising from maladjusted fittings – fitting adjustment is the responsibility of the buyer (according to the product’s installation and operation instruction).
  6. admissible defects of glass, whose visual assessment is carried out in accordance with applicable norms: PN-EN ISO 12543-6, PNEN 1096-1.
  7. glass breakage caused by external factors and interference, anisotropy, color deviation and mullion ringing.
  8. PVC doors used in public utility buildings.
  9. products which have not been subjected to annual inspection and maintenance according to the instruction. Such maintenance must be ordered with the manufacturer at a fee or with another professional company.

V. The primary document which entitles to guarantee services is the purchase invoice. In the event of detection of defects covered by the guarantee, a copy of the invoice must be attached to the complaint claim. Complaints must be submitted in writing immediately upon detection, but no later than within 7 days, at the location of purchase or via the website (menu service), by filling out the available form and providing a description of the damage and information necessary to identify the product, as well as attaching the required copies of documents.


Guarantee Terms

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