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Front mounted shutters

The front mounted shutter may be installed at any moment, as it is installed on the facade. A large selection of boxes, profiles and their colours will fulfil all your aesthetic expectations. We also offer perfect quality overload, radio and wire drives that will ensure the comfort of use.


The front mounted shutters perfectly insulate the heat. They are a barrier for unwanted guests, and after a partial lowering they perfectly protect the rooms against excessive sunlight and heating.

Windows-Doors-Roller Shutters Winter Gardens - Qualität Fenster aus Polen - Alufenster, Hebeschiebetüren, Kozijnen uit Polen, Poolse kozijnen, Polen kozijnen: Constans Windows-Doors-Roller Shutters Winter Gardens

Constans Sp. z o.o.(95) 728 70 10
Gorzowska 11 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski woj. lubuskie