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Door fillings

For over 20 years all front doors with fillings, produced at our company, are equipped with fillings of OBST company. These fillings are characterized by a high quality, great energy efficiency and due to a special surface of the plate are easy for cleaning. Obst has got in his offer wide range of models and versions, that correspond with requirements of the most demanding customers. Presented below a few samples of such fillings are the filling most often chosen by our customers.

The entire model list can be found in section download in file „OBST door fillings”.

You can also use the front door configurator available on the website:

  • Brenta


  • Devon IV

    Devon IV

  • Romantic


  • Thermon


  • Tirano


  • Titania


  • Vega


  • Wiedor



OBST - catalog Klassik

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OBST - catalog Modern

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OBST door fillings

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