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ALUPROF MB-70 – door with thermal insulation

MB-70 is a modern aluminium system intended for realizations of exterior architectural building elements requiring thermal and acoustic insulation, such as: various types of windows, doors, vestibules, display windows or spatial structures.

This door system is based on the MB-70 windows and door system. For further information please see the window system MB-70 or click here.

  • The structural depth of the window sections: 70 mm (frames) and 70 mm (casement)
  • Three-chamber structure
  • Sets of glass panel : from 21 mm to 48 mm
  • Two-component EPDM synthetic rubber: solid and cellular, which guarantees its ageing resistance during the long-lasting exploitation, as well as very good thermal insulation
  • All aluminium profiles are available in the wide colour palette. Below we present the standard colours, but of course the palette can be increased by all colours from RAL palette or wood-colour ADEC coatings.

    Colour Palette MB 70

    Colour Palette  MB 70

    Colour Palette MB 70 drzwi

    Standard colors*

    • RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

      RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

    • RAL 7021 Black grey

      RAL 7021 Black grey

    • RAL 7024 Graphite Grey

      RAL 7024 Graphite Grey

    • RAL 7035 Light grey

      RAL 7035 Light grey

    • RAL 7043 Traffic grey B

      RAL 7043 Traffic grey B

    • RAL 8019 Brown

      RAL 8019 Brown

    • RAL 9005 Jet black

      RAL 9005 Jet black

    • RAL 9006 Silver

      RAL 9006 Silver

    • RAL 9007 Dark Silver

      RAL 9007 Dark Silver

    • RAL 9016 White

      RAL 9016 White

    * We also offer a wide range of non-standard colors. Aluminum windows are available in practically any color from the RAL palette (structure or smooth). We also offer a palette of ADEC wood-effect colors - available in the "Download" tab.

  • The aluminium front doors with fillings, produced at our company, are equipped with fillings of OBST and ALUPROF companies. These fillings are characterized by a high quality, great energy efficiency and due to a special surface of the plate are easy for cleaning. Obst has got in his offer wide range of models and versions, that correspond with requirements of the most demanding customers.

    We present below the samples of such fillings.

    The entire model list can be found in section download in file „OBST door fillings”.

     You can also use the front door configurator available on the website:

    • Brenta


    • Devon IV

      Devon IV

    • Romantic


    • Thermon


    • Tirano


    • Titania


    • Vega


    • Wiedor


  • As a standard we offer our Clients the high quality door lock of Winkaus and FUHR companies. Both have a high burglary-resistance grade, high quality and are characterized by comfortable usage.

    Depending on the customer’s needs and expectations we are matching the proper door locks.


Aluprof - MB-70 eng

2021-09-041195.18 KB

ALUPROF - door fillings AP series

2021-09-045836.89 KB

ALUPROF - door fillings AD series

2021-09-041962.92 KB

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