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Technology of aluminium covers combines best features of PVC windows and aluminium windows. As a result window outer side resembles aluminium and a low heat transfer is maintained at the same time.

ALU-TOP is based from one side on the proven and tested system of aluminium covers and intelligent combination of plastic and aluminium from the other side. Such combination of plastic and aluminium makes the perfect design and ensures good thermal insulation.

Alu-Top System- means: basic idea of new and unlimited possibilities in terms of colour that offers an unique design for every company as well as enables to change company image. The surface of the front shell can be painted or anodised in one of the 170 RAL colorus. There is almost everything possible: from classic decent to bright colours.

ALU-TOP is perfectly adapted to the shape of the window profile. Due to constant fixing It guarantees the safe use of windows.

  • Modern aluminium design in connection with high thermal insulation
  • An alternative for aluminium windows at favourable price
  • Durable and weather resistant

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